Knights of Solamnia Origin

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Knights of Solamnia Origin

Post  Lord Soth on Thu Jan 08, 2009 5:33 pm

The Knights of Solamnia where originally written about in the book series started by Margarette Wise and Tracy Hickman.

In the first couple of books they wrought the knighthood had been arround for aprox 4,000 years (if i remember right), had survived a world wide cataclysm, and had started to fall apart. It was a knighthood originally founded by a Knight who turned from the country of Ergoth due to the fact the Ruleing class where more concearned about infighting and politics than defending and helping the populace. Vinas Solamnus started the Knights of Solamnia to be forces of Paladine (god of good) to fight back against the forces of Evil as well as to protect the native populations of there realms.

The backbone of the Knighthood was the oath and the measure. The oath was essentially Est Sularis Oth Mithas meaning my Honor is my Life. The measure, was how to define honor and how actions related to the situations of life.

Sometime in the early 90's someone decided to invent port 2700. A MUD (Muilti User Dungeon) based on the Dragonlance Series that had spawned from the books written by Margarette and Tracy. Being as in many books the knighthood shown as the hand of the Platinum Dragon, the Hand of good, the Knights of Solamnia where formed as a guild (or as we called ourselves the Order) on that game. We leveled, chatted, became friends, ran dungeons and where a notable and respectable force within the game itself. Several players going on to become "Gods (aka Moderaters and programers) of the game itself.

Currently People still play not only arctic but are in the Knighthood as well. However, I have reduced my play time there due to the shrinking player base (something about the fact its text based and based on a book series that to the best of my knowledge hasnt had a new book in something like 6 years, means people lost interest) and have moved onto WoW. After a year of playing Wow, I miss the comradery found in that old guild, as well as I loved the play structure, the minor role play we did with council meetings, quests for advancement, the squiring system as a means of admitance to the guild exc.

And so here we stand today.
Lord Soth
Grand Master, High Warrior, Justice, clerist, and lords (aka officer class)
Grand Master, High Warrior, Justice, clerist, and lords (aka officer class)

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