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Knights Oath

Post  Lord Soth on Mon Dec 15, 2008 7:56 pm

What is Knights of Solamnia all about in game?
Knights of Solamnia is a Hybrid Guild with the focus not just on Raid progression or PVP (which each has its niche, and its command structure) but also to foster a positive relationship between members, improve game play, share knowledge, and improve the online community we play in.
It is also my hope that you will take what you learn from the Order and continue on with it in real life in what ways are applicable to improve your life, the lives of those around you, as well as the world as a whole.
We have a Structured Ranking system in the Order that enables us to, at a glance, have an idea of someone’s Play experience, experience in the Order, as well as to keep the Order moving in the Direction consistent with the Dragonlance series Knights of Solamnia knighthood.
I have started the Order, and although I do not plan to run it as a dictator, it is not a complete Democracy either. It will be ruled in many ways like a military. There is a higher council that both listens to the members of the Order, as well as advises me on how to proceed. However, if I find the route most sought differs from my original vision, the vision of the Knights of Solamnia, or the general well being of the Order as a whole, I will direct the guild in the direction I see best.
Being a Hybrid guild, We are not a hard core raiding guild, life does come first, however, I do wish to have guild progression through raids, see members in Higher Tiers of gear, as well as have some nice standing PvP’ers in the guild.
Although we do not officially have an age restriction on guild application and membership, we are a mature guild. We gauge the maturity of a person by how they act and represent themselves. Anyone in the guild being disrespectful in any way to another guild member will first be put on probation for 30 days, in which time they will be counseled on their actions, what was done and why it is not acceptable. If during that time they commit another disrespectful act against a guild member they will be permanently banned. It is also expected for a knight to be honorable and respectful when dealing with those outside our guild.. however, we understand that it is harder to remain calm and respectful in the face of outright insults and taunting, and so depending on the situation grace may be extended.
Any disputes between Knights, or a Knight and another guild, are to be brought to the attention of a ruling knight (Grand Master, High Clerist, High Justice, High Warrior), and depending on the situation it's most likely that the ruling party will mediate between the two individuals to come to a mutually satisfactory solution. If this cannot be done, I, the grand master will step in and provide a mediation. If mediation then fails at that point, I will make a judgment call in private with my council and take the appropriate actions to remedy the problem in the way that serves the Order best.
We are a honorable class. We are not looking for people seeking fame and glory, but instead those looking to be a piece of a whole, to move in an upward and greater direction. Remember, one of the top Virtue’s to a knight is Humility.
Being a casual Raid guild, we have a method to progression. We do not require sign ups for a raid, however if you are able to sign up in advance (done via wow calendar) you will be guaranteed a spot. Those, such as myself, who cannot always promise to be on at a specific time on a specific night will be given the opportunity to fill the ranks of a raid if they do manage to log in on time, with the required gear and prep (food, pots, exc) ready when the raid starts. When a raid is scheduled, i.e.: 1600 server time, that means we will be heading through the doors of the instance at that time, please be present before hand, and if you need a summon, be ready for a summon 15 mins before that (please account and plan for any delays that you may experience.. such as a slow computer). The reason for this is due to many of us having limited slots that we can spend online. We want everyone to be gathered and ready so we may optimize every event and not waste the time of fellow Knights whom we respect.

Breakdown of Rules:
A: General
1) Respect at all times
2) It should be unspoken but no excessive vulgarity over guild chat
3) Absolutely no flaming
4) Guild Bank is to be used with respect for other players. No auctioning of items in the guild bank. Do not loot more than 3 or 4 Imbued nether or higher bags total for all your characters unless you have spoken with either the High Cleirist, High Warrior, Grand Master, or someone who is specifically supplying them to the bank.
5) It is fine to use the Trade resources in the bank for leveling, however please leave at least one stack of each higher item in case a special item needs to be crafted suddenly.
6) Eventually we will support repairs through the guild bank funds, if we can develop enough funds to do so (I would like to see the guild grow to a point everyone is donating their cash they don’t need to be pooled for things like epic mounts, repairs, etc.).
7) Knights or higher can invite. If you invite someone into the guild, you are responsible for monitoring how they progress. Any actions of a squire will reflect on the knight. Make sure you make your choices wisely.

B: Raid Rules
1) Either be at the doors of the instance at the appointed start time or be online and ready for summon 15 mins before the appointed time.
2) No “Ninja” looting of KoS loot or anyone else’s
3) All BoP/blue or higher loot (bind on pickup) is need-Upgrade, greed-offspec/alt toon in guild, Pass-Disenchant, or vendor. If no one Needs/Greed’s, then there will be a /roll to determine who gets it. If it is a full guild run then the item will be disenchanted if possible before being vendored.
4) All Green or below loot is need/greed.
5) If you have received 1 blue or higher item in a raid, make sure those that haven’t yet received a blue or higher drop get an opportunity to call it. This is currently on the Honor system, if there are problems with this we can switch to a DKP system.. however I prefer to avoid this. What this means? Know what items a raid loads before going in, and know what you want to get the most. It really stinks to take an item as a upgrade that someone else could have used, only to get a item that’s a larger upgrade in the same slot that no one else could use. You just burned 2 items on one person for no additional benefit.
6) Raid gear must be approved by the High warrior, or Knight in charge of your class
7) When raiding with sister guilds remember diplomacy and check on their specific loot rules before the instance.
Read up on an instance before running it unless its specifically a exploration run.

C: Role Play Guidelines
There is minor role play in the guild. First, when it comes to being given a quest. Accept it with honor. Remember, this is not because we want you to prove JUST to us, but to yourself your ability to adapt as well as to give fun challenges with opportunity for growth. Second, Live by Est sularis Oth Mithas (my honor is my life). Third, Have fun with it.

Lord Soth
Grand Master, High Warrior, Justice, clerist, and lords (aka officer class)
Grand Master, High Warrior, Justice, clerist, and lords (aka officer class)

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