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Post  shiglain19 on Sun Sep 06, 2009 10:59 pm

Main Character:
Character in guild:

Highest level toon:22 (shiglain)
Raid Experience:*shug* never been in a raid
How well would you say you know dragonlance:no too well but i know forgoten realms like a guru
Is your Guilded character pvp, raid, hybrid, or undecided on focus: undecided
Do you have a sponser knight:no
How did you hear of us: a party
Experience in RPG, MMORPG, Muds, Mush's or moo's: DnD and DnD minis
What do you want out of this guild:just a fun time and help when i need it
What can you offer to the guild: i donate all my copper when i enter the bank lol and i try to give back as much as i take to the best of my ability
Have you read and agreed to the Oath and Measure:if thats the terms on sign up than yes
Other:whats brown and sounds like a bell highlight to read
--->DUNG!!!! lol


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